General terms service in Latvia is provided by “ABC idea” LTD reg. No. 40103285126. These Terms and conditions (Terms) are the agreement between You (User) and (Service Provider) registration form creation system (System) and relevant products and services (Services), which are offered in the website Using, the User agrees to comply with these Terms. Violating any of the conditions of these Terms the User shall lose the right to use any of the Services provided by the Service Provider. The User shall confirm that before the use of the Services it has become acquainted with the Service operation and functionality and agree to use the Service as it is. Using the System on behalf of a legal person the User shall confirm and warrantee that he has right and authorised to do so. These Terms shall be binding to such legal person and it shall be responsible for the User, who represents it in accordance with these Terms.

User profile

In order to create a profile in the System, the User agrees to provide a valid e-mail address and other information, which is necessary in the registration process. E-mail address is necessary in order the Service Provider can identify the User and could contact the User for the issues, which are related to the System use. The User is fully responsible for the safety of his profile. The User shall undertake not to pass the information about its profile (username and/or password) to other persons and to change its password regularly. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for unsanctioned profile hacking or use. In the event of suspicious operations the Service provider shall have right to temporary block the User profile or to completely deny the access to the Services. The User shall agree to cooperate with the Service Provider in the investigation of any of the fraud case and to provide to the Service Provider the necessary information. The User shall undertake the responsibility for the content, which it places in the System, and data, which are stored in the User’s profile, according to the existing legislative regulations, including the European Parliament and Council Regulation (ES) 2016/679 (April 27, 2016) for the protection of natural persons in connection with the person data processing and a free circulation of such data. One Legal Person or natural person is allowed to create only one profile free of charge. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for any damages to the hardware, using the System or downloading any content from the site.

User’s obligations

The User shall be responsible for all actions in connection with the profile and shall confirm that all the information, which the User enters and/or uploads in the website, is legal and it conforms to the existing legislative regulations and laws. The User shall undertake to inform the Service Provider about any illegal operations or security violations and to perform all actions in order to prevent these operations.

Rights and limitations

With these Terms the Service Provider shall transfer to the User non-exclusive, cancellable and non-transferable rights to use the System, using the browsers, supported by the System, only within these Terms. Using the System the User is not allowed:

  1. To distribute, resell, publicly demonstrate, temporary hire, transfer or make available otherwise the System services to the third parties;
  2. To acquire or copy the System exit code in any way;
  3. To change or create derivatives to the System and services;
  4. To try to access to the System or related systems and networks in unauthorized way;
  5. To remove any of the copyright notifications or marks in the System.

Prohibited operations

The use of the Service is prohibited in the following cases:

  1. For the fraudulent, illegal and malicious purposes;
  2. In the cases, which might damage or worsen the operation of any server or network;
  3. In order to obtain an unsanctioned access to any other profile, information, data, computer systems or networks, which are related to any other computer or network, using the hacking, password guessing or other methods;
  4. In any other case, if it is not related to the Service provision and reception targets.

In connection with these Terms the User agrees that through the System’s mediation or Services, not to publish and/or not to enter the information, offensive a person’s honour and dignity, threatening, defamatory, discriminating, pornographic, blaspheming information, information containing a commercial secret and otherwise illegal information and online links. The User shall be prohibited to displace, enter and/or send in the System or via the mediation of the System unnecessary e-mails, comments, commercial notifications or other correspondence of a commercial or illegal form (SPAM) to other Service Users or to any other person. The Service Provider shall have right in the any case of unauthorised use or detecting of prohibited actions to deny for the User an access to the System and Services and to inform the responsible institutions, if it is necessary in accordance with the existing legislation.

Data processing

The User shall be fully responsible for any data, which are submitted or used in relation with the System and Services. The User must comply with the data protection requirements in accordance with these Terms and binding laws. Any claim against the Service Provider in connection with the data protection violations, which might occur as a result of the User’s activity or inactivity, shall be the User’s liability in full and the User shall completely release the Service Provider from all claims, losses and expenses, which occurred as a result of such actions.


This agreement shall enter into force from the moment, when there is activated the User’s profile and shall be binding until the moment, when any of the parties refuses the Service. The monthly subscriptions are valid from the first date of the month until the last date of the month, including.

Disclaimer from the Service

Rejecting the Service the User shall undertake any liability for any data, which will be deleted in connection with the User’s profile. If the User represents a legal person, the user can delete the company data – all the data in connection with this company will be deleted irreversibly. If the User deletes its profile, all the data in connection with the User’s profile, including data of the legal person, related to the User’s profile, will be deleted irreversibly.

Service termination

The Service Provider shall reserve the right to delete any free of charge profile, if there is no any activity for 6 months. At the Service Provider’s discretion the profile can be deleted if there are violated the conditions of these Terms or as a result of the User’s operations the server load significantly exceeds the average server load, caused by the other Users’ operations. After each such case the Service Provider can deny to use the System and the Service in future. The Service Provider shall reserve the right to refuse to use the Services for anyone without any explanations at any time.

Copyright and content ownership

The Service Provider shall not have intellectual right in connection with the content, which is uploaded and/or published by the User in the System. The User’s profile and uploaded content is the User’s property. Upon the publishing the content the User shall agree that others will view and share it. The Service Provider shall reserve the right (but not obligation) to prohibit the publishing or remove any type of published content (text, images, videos), if for the Service Provider it will seem unacceptable.

Limitation of warranty and liability

The User shall undertake all risks, which are related to the System use and its suitability to the User’s needs and aims. All the Services and software are offered with „as is” terms, without any warrantees. The Service Provider shall not warrantee that the software of the given Service conforms to the User’s requirements, or that the Service will be suitable for the User’s targets. In order to avoid the disagreements, the Service Provider shall exclude any conditions and warrantees, within the volume, acceptable by the legislation. The Service Provider shall not warrantee that the operation of the given software will proceed without interruptions and errors, The Service Provider shall not be responsible for the interruptions in the Service operation, related technical errors, nature cataclysms and other disasters. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for the fact that the User’s desires might not conform to the actually provided services. If due to any reasons the User is unsatisfied with the Service operation, functionality or safety, the only and exclusive type of the legal protection is to void this Agreement and to complete the refuse for the use of the Service.

Availability and support of the Service

The Service, according to the good business principles, is provided 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. The Service provider shall plan update or improvement works outside the working hours in order to interrupt the operation of the System as little as possible. If there are performed a planned update or improvement works, the System bight be unavailable. The Service provider shall undertake to inform the Users as soon as possible, but at least 24 hours before the planned works, but it does not warrant the continuous operation of the System in conditions, which do not depend of us (Force majeure).

Serviced of the third parties

The Service Provider shall have right to use the third parties in order to provide the Service with the hardware, software, network, data storage and other technologies, which are necessary for the Service provision and operation. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for the interruptions of the Service operation, data loss and other consequences, which occurred due to activity or inactivity of the third parties, as well as due to result of the force majeure.

Final terms

These Terms shall substitute all the previous terms and/or agreements, which were offered in written or verbally, and shall provide a complete Agreement between Service User and Service Provider in connection with the software and other issues, which are considered in the Terms. All the disputes and conflicts between the parties, who have concluded these Terms, which occurred as a result of the User’s and Service Provider’s operation and which are not possible to settle by the parties via negotiations, shall be settled in the Arbitration Court of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in accordance with its Rules of Procedure. The Service of the Service Provider has the Professional Civil Liability Insurance policy. service provider in Latvia

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