Create registration forms

To successfully manage any event first thing for the event organizer is the registration forms. Forms can differ depending on the occasion, with varying needs for the participants and event organizers. That's why Mitto Events provides an easy but functional form builder with various custom options. The form builder interface lets you create registration forms for participant details including custom input fields like accommodation needs, travel times, dietary restrictions, and many more. And for any event organizer, it is equally important to have a data export and summary to know who will attend the event. Mitto Events forms provide easy to use statistic module with data export on all information regards to participants.

  • Time-saving form builder
  • Logical functions
  • E-mail sending
  • File upload
  • Design adjustments
  • Online statistics


Collect payments and sell tickets

There is no surprise that event organizers want a quick and easy way to collect event attendance fees from participants as well as provide participants with additional services like transfers, catering, and accommodations. But how do manage all payments easily and in one place? Mitto Events covers that as well. We provide payment solutions for event organizers, with all the necessary tools to process payments on behalf of the organizer. Our payment system will process, invoice, charge, and refund if needed participant fees and other additional price points.

  • Easy and fast setup
  • Custom ticket design
  • Different ticket categories
  • Promo codes
  • QR and RFID support

As the event industry rapidly recovers from the pandemic, more and more public events, concerts, and other events open their doors to attendees. Organizers are looking for reliable and reasonably priced solutions for selling tickets online. That’s where we come in. Mitto Events has a great ticketing solution for organizers to sell tickets to any event online. Our existing registration software is more than capable to accommodate selling tickets using Mitto Events platform. Furthermore, we can customize the tickets, customize the form, send out a reminder to those who bought tickets, and scan them using our scanner app and do that at a reasonable price. Using our scanner app organizers can scan QR codes and RFID wristbands, which helps if the venue is large and divided by many access zones, or if the event is for several days. Quick, easy, reliable, and sensible price, that is our Mitto Events ticketing service.


Abstract submission and reviewing

Scientific events are a big part of medical and scientific organizations and associations, bringing new topics, scientific research, and studies on various important topics from the authors. Organizers face the challenge of several platforms, that is over-complicated, and overpriced for submission of abstracts and theses. In previous years working with many large event organizers, we understudy that there is a demand for abstract submission and reviewing solutions. Our abstract submission and reviewing module is a big part of our software and is used by many in the industry. The fact that we can incorporate abstract input fields in the form is convenient for participants to register and submit their work in one place. The reviewing is a separate module inside of the admin section, where all dedicated reviewers can go through all submissions, review them and evaluate them.

  • Customizable fields
  • File upload
  • Character and field type rules
  • Reviewer section and management
  • Auto-generated book of abstracts
  • Certificates of attendance and presentation


Manage your attendees

The registration process can be time-consuming, and hard for the organizers when they don't use special tools for registration, but eventually, everybody is registered. Ok, and now what? Now is the equally important thing- Attendance check! Mitto Events offers onsite registration and technical support to event organizers. Our management system,  helps you in ensuring attendee satisfaction. Mitto Events has excellent experience in on-site events and attendance checks over the years hosting many occasions with different participant types in different venues. We provide an end-to-end registration process starting from scanning participant badges, and entrance passes, up to registration personal and technical support. Our experience allows us to be one of the best solutions for event organizers for onsite events because we can provide all the necessary things to successfully check in all participants. We will create a badge file with all participant information, print them out, scan QR codes from entrance passes, print out labels for participants, and handle all technical things at the registration area. We are proud of our provided service and our clients are happy that we can help as much as we can to make life easy for them.

  • Onsite registration and technical support
  • QR code and RFID scanner devices and app
  • Label printing
  • Online statistics and reports


Support and custom adjustments

Being in this industry, over the years we have had many events, many challenges, and many surprises. And definitely, we can say- We are experts in this field. We are trying to be involved in the planning and support process as much as we can in order to give our own input. We offer our technical, and onsite support in order to make everything easy for organizers. And this is big. Not many registration service providers oversee the event in person and help with day-to-day things in the venue. With custom registration, clients will get a more personalized experience and will be able to see how their project is progressing in real-time. Registration forms can be tailored and personalized to match the event's visual identity or embedded into the client's website. We have large experience in different custom registration forms, so when you work with us, we will give you the best input on what will be better for your event. And that is a guarantee.

  • Project management as a service
  • 24/7 event support
  • Tailored solutions