Social network-like online events platform

Content delivery and participant interaction are the core values of any event. In the world of online and hybrid events, this rule applies even more. And the right platform can be the stepping stone to reaching new heights. is a unique social network-like platform that contains a full event experience. Video streams with multiple live and pre-recorded event stages, extensive participant communication, news feeds with interactive posts, smart agenda linked to your calendar, pools, and questions, virtual EXPO area, smart gamification, AI matchmaking, and much more. leads your event right to the participants. Any screen, any place, any time.

  • Main feed
  • Multiple video stages
  • Detailed agenda
  • Speaker section
  • Sponsor advertisements

Participant engagement

It is sometimes challenging to keep attendees engaged throughout the whole event. Furthermore, sometimes attendees don't want to express themselves or feel uninspired to ask questions or share their thoughts. We implemented engagement modules in our event platform. They are unique engagement rules that reward participants for being active during the event. Participants can compete with other participants to collect points for writing questions and publishing posts, following other participants, watching live streams, and many more. It is a great way to encourage participants to be active for the entirety of the event.

  • Built-in adjustable gamification
  • Comments, questions, and polls
  • Tagging and suggestions

Virtual expo and poster area

Not many virtual platforms can compete with the feeling that an onsite event brings. The same goes for companies, that have special exposition in the venue during the event days. Or maybe even partner stands, that have partner information on the latest product presentation. But what if we told you, that almost the same engagement can be done in online events? Yes, the platform is creating an ability for companies and sponsors to create a virtual stand in the platform, for participants to visit and engage in them. The Expo section is a separate section in the platform, as a catalog for company pages, where companies can create their virtual expo stands. These companies assign multiple participants that can create a post on their products and services, engage with their target audience, and display their company information. Expo page administrators can add video streams and/or polls to their wall of posts, attach presentations and other files, etc. Page owners can create a schedule for one-on-one or group online meetings, which other participants can apply to. If companies are event sponsors, they can be awarded extra features, such as pushing their posts on the participant’s main feed as sponsored posts, etc. Each expo page can have its own limit set for these extra features.

  • Customizable virtual place/booth
  • Live streams
  • News posts
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Polls and quizzes

Social network experience

In hindsight event organizers want their organized event to be unique. Unique options to provide for their audience and attendees, unique approach to speakers and special guests. And who can blame them? For some of them, these events are the most important occasion of the year. And we are ecstatic when we see how well the event is going and how satisfied is both attendees and clients. Our platform are made like a social network for events so that participants can experience live event attendance from the comfort of their sofa. Because the participant's experience is the most important for the event to be successful. And therefore event organizers love the platform, and why they are organizing more and more online and hybrid events.

  • Personalized participant profile
  • Tagging and suggestions
  • Like, share, and comment