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Say goodbye to Eventbrite, Typeform and Hopin is the perfect solution for any event. We provide a platform for virtual, live, and hybrid events. With our easy-to-use, customizable interface and intuitive navigation, we provide the best possible experience for organizers and attendees alike. With our platform You can create tailored event registration forms, manage abstract submissions, sell tickets, track attendees onsite, and run online events.

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The company

The company ABC idea LTD is located in Europe, Latvia, and specialises in the IT and Event industry. Our team comprises experts working in these fields for more than 15 years. We have a strong confidence and vast experience in developing individual solutions for event organisers, such as conference websites, event applications, applications for participant attendance check and customizable registration solutions.
We are working with event organisers, large organisations, governmental and non-governmental organisations, providing them with all the event-related IT solutions from online to on-site. We stand by our quality standards and customer experience. As our clients say, we deliver them a perfect event management tool with all the necessary functions.

The company

Mitto Forms

Online registration form creation platform with instrumental features – it is a useful tool for any event organiser. With Mitto forms you can create an registration, abstract submission, survey, or any other form for your event.If you need to collect money from your attendees or sell e-Tickets, just use online payment services provided by us or connect our platform with your payment provider. Mitto forms helps in performing everyday work by offering CRM functionality, detailed statistics of participants, convenient communication with the invited and/or registered participant. You can also generate a ready-to-print name badge file, attendance certificates for participants, create attendance check lists and more useful functions for online and onsite event management.

Mitto Forms

Mitto Online

Content delivery and participant interaction are the core values of any event. In the world of online and hybrid events this rule applies even more. The right platform can be a stepping stone to reach new heights. Mitto online is a unique social network-like platform that contains a full event experience. Video streams with multiple live and pre-recorded event stages, participant communication, news feeds with interactive posts, smart agenda linked to your calendar, polls and quizzes, word clouds, questions, virtual EXPO area, smart gamification, recommendations, notifications and reminders, AI matchmaking and much more. Mitto online allows participants to engage in events from the comfort of their home or office, while receiving content adapted to their interests . Any screen, any place, any time.

Mitto Online
The company
Mitto Forms
Mitto Online

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Event-based forms

In Mitto Events you create events. In each event you can build an unlimited number of forms and the data, which the participants will fill in, will be sortable within specified form or whole event scope. Just create one form per language or participant category. You can copy form content and settings or make different content and settings for each form if necessary.

All the data sent from the participant’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone or even Smart TVor fridge) are encrypted while transferring using SSL encryption certificate and also stored securely on our servers.

Logical functions

No matter how complex your form will be, Mitto Events can handle it.

There are built-in logical functions such as IF, AND, OR. For larger or more complex events we are able to create custom solutions and logics depending on the event`s specific needs.

Your Design

Everything starting from font colour and size to background images and favicons, including custom CSS files - you can manage it all by yourself via the form builder section. If you already have an event website then just embed our form and it will look like and seamlessly be as part of it.

Invitations, reminders, confirmations

Smooth communication all in a handy e-mail library. Personalised and individual e-mail messages. Quick and simple access to all e-mail messages anytime. Automatic reminders and confirmations.

Badges, tickets, and certificates

Mitto forms can automatically generate PDF files for all mentioned types of documents that could be intended for printout with or without trim boxes and bleed boxes for digital print or just for digital use. We can also implement your custom design and our platform will generate necessary content on it. In cooperation with the best print providers in Baltics we offer full service with on-site delivery to the event venue.

Attendance tracking

For on-site attendance check, our clients can use our own developed check-in scanner application . Application allows users to scan Barcode/QR/NFC codes from participants name badges or tickets not only in single check-in mode, but also in re-entering or validation mode. All data will automatically be synchronised to the main platform, which stands as SPoM (Single Point of Management), with options to export data or follow real time attendance statistics. Nevertheless, in cases event organisers have pre-distributed badges or client/ID cards, we can upload a predefined list of attendees' identification QR codes, NFC codes and other.

Online statistics

The data submitted by attendees is available online on any device, and it is easy to review and manage. You can find your attendees by using sort options by registration date, type, form and payment statuses, and filled in data. You can also set up custom fields to be displayed thus also creating custom export files for those fields. Of course, full data is always available for you to export.

Payments and ticketing

We accept VISA and Mastercard card payments as well as payments via online backlinks of the largest banks in Latvia, such as SEB bank, Swedbank and Luminor. Organisers can set up different ticket types, promo codes and prices depending on registration deadline.

For event agencies and annual conference organisers we can set up third party payment systems such as PayPal or Stripe.

Paper submission and review

This section of Mitto Events allows organisers to create forms for submission of any kind of scientific papers, projects for competition or any other information that needs to be reviewed by a jury committee or other reviewers. Forms can contain character limits, file uploads, co-author information and any other specific information related to the event.

Reviewers can access all submissions or can be limited to specific Review criteria and other settings are fully adjustable to the specifics of the event, separately for each submission category. You can also set up an automatic e-mail notification for submission author upon acceptance or denial of review.

Web page module

With our built-in website CMS You can create a special conference website. Design is really simple to adjust to the event identity as well as content. This module helps to not only to create predefined sections as Agenda, Speakers, Contact but uYou can add Text sections to create and adjust the content as You need.


When it comes to huge amounts of different data then our CRM module can be helpful. You can add groups and tags to the registration forms to categorise participants from multiple events into a single list overview, so You will automatically see profile and patterns of recurring participants or customers. You can manage mailing lists, setup automatic triggers for joining to mailing lists, view client`s registration and email history and with custom data fields set up, You can keep additional information about clients` profiles. And of course all data is easy to sort, overview and to administrate.

Custom solutions

Sometimes the world is enough! If You need a custom event based solution we can say with confidence that we can help You. We have created such solutions for European Rally Championship, World Rallycross Championship, biggest 5G technology event in Baltic sea region – 5G Techritory , Latvian Information and communications technology association (LIKTA), Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), Riga City Council, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia and Riga Stradins University, University of Latvia.

Main feed

This is information feed tailored to user`s interests. Here organisers post information about the event and pin welcome videos on the top of all posts, participants write their own thoughts about the event or share, comment and like other participants' posts, Expo stands can push their sponsored content (that can be limited). To make content creation easier for event organisers, external content, like Twitter feed can be automatically synchronized to participants` main feed.

Multiple video stages

Create as many event stages as necessary, add embed code to live or prerecorded video, set start and end time so video playback will be automatically available for participants. For each event stage you can switch on or off participant engagement tools such as comments, questions, polls, quizzes and word clouds.

Detailed agenda

Agenda is the main information source about what is happening right now and what will behappening on the event days. As organiser you can add agenda events with tags, descriptions files and even tag specific speakers and moderators and even files. For faster navigation Watch button will be added automatically when event goes live. Participants can switch between dates, stages, filter topics by tags, search by keywords and set agenda events as favourites, that can easily be synchronized to their personal Calendar on their computer or smartphone.

Speaker section

Here participants can find all event speakers. They can search for specific speakers by keywords, tags, online status, and agenda parts to which they are attached. Participants can add speakers to their Favourites by following them and can open their profile to explore more. Organisers can add speakers manually via administration panel or to make this process even easierYou can create separate registration forms for speakers and all information will be synchronized automatically.

Personalized participant profile

Your event attendees gain full control of how they appear, how they engage and how they communicate within event. If participant provides more profile information, their profile will be attractive for other participants to browser on and the more exciting event experience they will have. What is the most important option is that they can adjust their privacy and interaction settings any time – switch on or off notifications, gamification, and other settings. Your attendees can feel safe because our platform is fully compatible with GDPR

EXPO and virtual poster area

It is where industry and science lives! Each company and/or scientific poster presenter has their own virtual place/booth. They can customize their booth graphical visual design, add information about the company or presenter, their interests and social network links. There are so many ways to attract an audience via the Expo virtual area. For example - creating posts, polls, quizzes, word clouds, live streams and by offering visitors to schedule 1:1 meetings or set up group presentations.

Sponsor advertisements

This is an advertisement block where event organiser`s, partners`, sponsors`, supporters`, as well as friends` logos and designated website links can be displayed. Organisers can access the statistics of expositions and clicks for every advertisement.

Audience engagement tools

To increase participants` engagement, improve learning and heighten satisfaction with built-in polls, quizzes, and word cloud functionality. You can run them in the main feed, EXPO page and at video stages. For polls and word clouds you can set up display date and time and they will run automatically. Our super-easy quiz system allows you to set up a detailed quiz in just a matter of minutes.

Comments and questions

Comments are our public chat under each video stage you will have. Questions can be public or can be visible to stage moderators only. Then he will administer which question will be answered and which will not. Additional feature of `Questions to moderator` can be set up for commenting, that filters comments in specific section visible moderators only, where he or she can mark which questions are answered and which are not. Administrators can choose to make questions visible only by moderators or leave them also among other comments.


This is where mix and mingle happens. Participants who have their communications settings switched on can be accessible for one-on-one chat, group chat and video call within our platform. Participants can chat with each other and company pages if the EXPO section is active.

Important note! We take data privacy seriously and all chat communication is stored encrypted.

Video call

Video chat is a great way to connect within the event. Every participant can make a video call with other participants, speakers, or Expo exhibitors. Video call is easy to use within the platform and participants don't have to use outside tools to connect!

Tagging and suggestions

Tags and suggestions are an important way to structure an event`s content and bring participants together more easily. Agenda events and Expo pages can be tagged with specific topics, also users can select tags they are interested in, so other participants can find them based on their interests. Tags can be created colour-coded, multi-directional in three levels, which means that you can specify, for example, if you are interested in a selected field as a customer or a provider.

Using our tagging system, participants can get automated smart suggestions on agenda time slots, expo pages, and other participants. By using suggestions, it is easier to bring participants together. Important note! As stated in the GDPR, participants must give consent to take a part in automated profiling.


Gamification is a fun way to keep participants more engaged while receiving intended event`s content. Participants can earn points for various things such as writing a comment, watching videos, following participants and competing with each other for higher place in the scoreboard table. For every pre-set milestone, participants receive a unique ‘achievement unlocked’ badge. Scoreboard levels, design of achievement badges and other settings are customizable for each event. Important note – participants must give consent to take a part in a gamification activity or be displayed in the high scores table.

Detailed statistics

System administrators and content administrators can access information on attendance of the event, statistics on participant engagement (such as comments, posts, likes, shares, etc.), page views, and other useful information. Expo page administrators can access detailed statistics about their Expo page, just like video panel moderators can filter their video panel`s analytics overview.

In platform notifications

Users are notified about activity regarding their profile – upon new follower, reply or comment, earned gamification points or badges, received a private message or incoming call, and more.