06 Feb 2023

The most simple way is to create participant badges print files go to the print house and print them out. On the event day, distribute badges to attendees. Job is done. This is the way for most of the events. But what if you need to know how much time an event participant has spent in a specific auditorium or you want to limit access to specific event areas or auditoriums for different participant categories? With MittoEvents.com we got you covered.

Our platform allows organizers to create customized registration forms for different types of participants, each with their own digital entrance pass, ticket, or participant name badge. In Mittoevents.com scanner list create as many lists as necessary and at the event venu just scan the QR codes. Our scanner app will do the rest. You will be able to download the full report after the event.

With MittoEvents.com, organizers can be confident in their ability to manage participant registration and onsite check-in, from the printing of simple participant badges to the creation of digital entrance passes for different types of participants, ensuring a secure and seamless event experience.