01 Jun 2022

Online paper submission system dedicated to academic conferences.

Our objective is to assist conference organizers and conference participants in making their events as well-organized, efficient, and enjoyable as possible.
We know how overwhelming it is to organize a conference and collect papers that need to be reviewed. Our system makes it easy for conferences to collect paper submissions and manage the review process.
An organized structure helps you receive accurate and timely feedback on your work – whether you are an organizer or a participant. The system is carefully built with many customizable options that can be used in various ways according to your specific needs.
The system allows event organizers to create forms for submission of any kind of scientific papers, projects for competition or any other information that needs to be reviewed by a jury committee. The forms can have different character limits, file uploads and other specific information that is needed to submit your files. Reviewers can access all submissions or they can be limited to specific Review criteria. You can also set up an automatic e-mail notification for the submitting author upon acceptance or denial of review.

We provide provide secure environment for reviewers to review submissions and provide feedback. Reviewers can access their account 24/7 from anywhere in the world, so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines or delays in receiving feedback.