13 Mar 2023

Let's say You are an event organizer who runs monthly marketing seminars that take place in different cities across the country. You need a platform that can handle registration, payments, and attendance check-in for all events. You also need a flexible solution that can accommodate different participant categories, group discounts, and VIP guests.

How MittoEvents.com can help you? In our platform you set up a registration form for your seminar with different ticket types, including early bird discounts and VIP tickets. You also can integrate your payment provider using API interface and generate invoices with different VAT rates.

As these seminars are recurring, you can set up recurring payments to streamline the payment process for attendees. You can also monitor your event's sales and revenue in real-time on MittoEvents.com, making any necessary adjustments to maximize revenue.

On the day of your seminar, use MittoEvents.com's onsite registration services to scan attendees' digital entrance passes and check their attendance. You can also limit access to specific event areas or auditoriums for different participant categories using the platform's logical functions.

You can be confident that it is really easy  to manage participant registration and onsite event registration services with MittoEvents.com, from the printing of simple participant badges to the creation of digital entrance passes for different types of participants, ensuring a secure and seamless event experience for your attendees.