• International conference

    The Nicosia Convention: a criminal justice response to offences relating to cultural property

    15 – 16 June, 2023

    National Library of Latvia, Ziedonis Hall, Riga

  • The Museum Storage is a 10 minutes drive from the Latvian National Library. Transportation to and from the Museum Storage will be provided.

  • If you attend the evening reception at the Museum Storage, you must select two of the four tours below that you would like to participate in.​​​​​​​

  • Tours Places available 
    1) Challenges for the Preservation of the Collections of the Latvian National Museum of Art3
    2) A modern repository - a major contribution to the preservation of national literary and music heritage4
    3) Latvian National Museum of History - the largest repository of Latvian tangible cultural heritage1
    4) Collection of seized and confiscated archeological artefacts in the Latvian National History Museum0 
  • Participant's registration data
  • Shortly before the start date of the conference, we will send information about the transport map, etc. practical information.