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    Lesson duration: 90 minutes
    Tuition fee: 47 euros per month

    30 day money-back guarantee! The contract can be cancelleded at any month.

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Terms & Conditions

CONTRACTUAL PROVISIONS FOR THE EDUCATIONAL SERVICE "Computer Game Engineer" 1. International School of Innovations Ltd, Registration No 40203116990, (School of Innovations), hereinafter referred to as the "CONTRACTOR", provides the educational service "Computer Game Engineer" online classes (SERVICES) on the basis of these terms and conditions (TERMS). 2. The parent or guardian of a Participant (PARTICIPANT) (CUSTOMER) shall register for the EVENTS electronically. By registering, the CUSTOMER reads and accepts the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 3. The CONTRACTOR undertakes to provide remote online training of the MEMBER, for age groups from 10 to 14 years, comprising group WORKSHOPS of up to 90 minutes online 1 time per week and to provide training material in digital format. The remote lessons are conducted on the Zoom platform using the Roblox Studio digital tool. The aim of the programme is to teach children how to create their own game and its accessories on the Roblox platform, which includes, among other things, programming in the LUA environment. 4. The CONTRACTOR shall provide the PARTICIPANT with an online learning process with a trainer in a group of 8-16 participants. 5. If the minimum number of independent PARTICIPANTS in a group is less than 8, the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to postpone the start of the WORKSHOP, to offer a different time for the WORKSHOP or to cancel the training group by giving the CLIENT as much notice as possible in advance. In case of cancellation of a group of ACTIVITIES, the CONTRACTOR shall refund the overpaid participation fee. 6. By accepting the Terms, the CLIENT undertakes to ensure that the MEMBER attends the EVENT. 7. The CUSTOMER shall pay a monthly subscription fee regardless of the MEMBER's attendance. No recalculations for attendance. 8. The CUSTOMER shall pay a monthly subscription fee of EUR 47.00 (forty-seven euros and 00 cents) or GBP 42.00 (forty-two Great Britain pounds) . The CUSTOMER shall pay as a prepayment for each calendar month, according to the invoice issued by the CONTRACTOR or by automatic payment by linking the bank payment card to the CONTRACTOR's system. The invoice shall be sent to the e-mail address provided by the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER is obliged to indicate the invoice number in the payment order when making payment. 9. The recalculation and return of the amount overpaid by the CUSTOMER for SERVICES not performed shall be made on 01.06.2023. 10. The CUSTOMER shall make payment within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of invoice. If the CUSTOMER is more than 20 (twenty) calendar days in arrears, the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to terminate the Contract by unilateral notice. 11. The CLIENT shall have the right to withdraw from the SERVICES by the 1st of the following month by writing to the CONTRACTOR at 12. within 30 days from the commencement of the SERVICES, the CLIENT may cancel the visit by informing the CONTRACTOR in writing at and completing the questionnaire sent by the CONTRACTOR, for which the CONTRACTOR shall refund the full amount of the fee charged for the SERVICES. 13. The Agreement shall enter into force upon clicking on the button "I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of the Agreement". 14. Personal data submitted in the online environment is processed in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments. The personal data of the MEMBER and the CUSTOMER shall not be disclosed to third parties without the CUSTOMER's consent. 15. The RULES shall apply until 30 June 2023. The CONTRACTOR shall have the right to make changes to the CONTRACTUAL PROVISIONS by giving 30 days' notice to the CUSTOMER. Service provider: SIA International School of Innovations Reg. no.: 40203116990 Augšiela 1, Rīga, LV-1009, Latvia