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  • CategoryFee (room for single use)VAT excludedFee (room for double or twin use)VAT Excluded 
    2 courses670.00 EUR218.65 EUR610.00 EUR158.65 EUR
    2 courses, additional night at the hotel710.00 EUR258.65 EUR635.00 EUR183.65 EUR
    Single course420.00 EUR138.65 EUR390.00 EUR108.65 EUR
    Single course, additional night at the hotel460.00 EUR178.65 EUR415.00 EUR133.65 EUR
    Accompanying person - 2 courses450.00 EUR100.00 EUR
    Accompanying person - 2 courses, additional night at the hotel475.00 EUR125.00 EUR
    Accompanying person - single course290.00 EUR50.00 EUR
    Accompanying person - single course, additional night at the hotel315.00 EUR75.00 EUR
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  • A separate link will be sent shortly for case presentations to be uploaded. Closing date is 20 March 2023 To begin preparing your case, visit the EPNS website for more information about the criteria https://www.epns.info/education-and-training/epns-training-courses/epns-training-course-riga-latvia-2023/

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